Saturday, September 30, 2006

The New World View, 1930

Koresh' doctrine of a hollow globe in which we live inside, entered Germany through wounded war flier Peter Bender, who, so the story goes, when revalidating in a prisoner of war camp or a hospital in the first world war, stumbled upon Koresh' magazine The Flaming Sword.

Bender found an adherent in Johannes Lang. Together they visited Karl Neupert between 1925 - 1928. Neupert would later write his GeoKosmos (Geo Cosmos). Lang, published many pamphlets on this version of the hollow earth doctrine in Germany, beginning in 1935 with his Das Neue Weltbild (The New World View) that was reprinted a number of times well into the early 1960's. Lang, who died in 1967, at one time had met with U.G. Morrow, a close collaborator of Koresh. Lang also founded The Gesellschaft für Erd-Weltforschung (The Society for Earth-World Research) which was dissolved in 1975.

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