Saturday, September 30, 2006

the hollow earth in Germany, 1949

What the Germans would have thought of this publication is unfortunately lost in the mist of time. As has an explanation for the motivation of author Walter Brenner-Kuckenberg, to write and secure publication of his pamphlet Leben Wir Auf Oder In Der Erde? Die Hohlwelt-theorie (Do We Live On Or In The Earth? The Hollow Earth Theory), which was published in 1949.

After all, this was just four years after a devastating world war that had destroyed Nazi Germany. It had transformed many of its cities to piles of rubble, ashes and cinders. Daily life was reduced to severe hardship and bleak survival after five years of bitter endurance.

One would think one would have different things to worry about and for the most part this is so. Yet, as careful study shows, the printing presses of the occult underground rarely stop by such mundane matters as a world war.

Especially in Germany, where the hollow earth doctrine as formulated by Koresh and first imported on German soil in the first world war, would continue to linger till the 1970's when it petered out.

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Vidhyut Rabari said...

this is all already written in Indian Hindu scriptures when germany it self does not existed. they have a lot of sanskrit hindu scriptures with help of that they might have reach there