Sunday, September 10, 2006

Atlantis in the hollow earth, 1909

With the book The Divine Seal that was published in 1909, its author, Emma Louise Orcutt, delivered a strange book. The Divine Seal is a novel that mixes occultism with a lost race fantasy, set in the far future where ancient records discovered on the Isle of Atlantis (presumably a part of the ancient continent) lead to an Arctic expedition in search of the Zallallah, an even more ancient people who are the earliest Aryan race. There have been dramatic political and geological changes; continents sunken and new ones emerged, e.g. Atlantis. Golden tablets found in the latter tell of a still older civilization, the 'Zallallah.' This civilization is found extant at the North Pole. The plot further involves lycanthropy, the hollow world with Atlantean survivals, suspended animation and an intriguing cosmology.

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