Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Goddess of Atvatabar, 1892

With his The Goddess of Atvatabar; being the history of the discovery of the interior world, and conquest of Atvatabar which was published in 1892, William Richard Bradshaw (1851 - 1927) created an ambitious lost race novel based on Symmes' theory of concentric spheres.

In it, a group of explorers sail through the hole in the South Pole. They travel down a vortex into an inner world and thus reach the continent of Atvatabar, which has a technologically advanced society. Its cavalry for instance, uses mechanical ostriches. Life is restored to dead bodies through the yearning of the souls of separated lovers which recharges a huge spiritual battery.

The Goddess of Atvatabar is especially noteworthy for its many unusual illustrations. Its partial contents are: Polar catastrophe; Cause of expedition; Beginning the voyage; Entering the polar gulf; Day becomes night and night day; We discover the interior world; Extraordinary loss of weight; Afloat on the interior ocean; Visit from inhabitants of Plutusia; Marching in triumph; Journey to Calnogor; Reception by the King; Throne of the Gods; Worship of Lyone; Audience with the Supreme Goddess; Escaping the cyclone; Twin Soul; A revelation; Voyages of Mercury and Aurora Borealis; History concluded.

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